The National CFMTA Essay Competition invites submissions of essays on any topic related to music teaching, pedagogy or performance practice. This competition is open to all Canadian residents currently attending high school, or studying at the university undergraduate and graduate levels. There is no fee to enter.

Le concours national de dissertation de la FCAPM accepte la soumission de textes sur tous les sujets concernant l'enseignement et la pédagogie de la musique ou l'exécution musicale. Ce concours est ouvert à tous les résidents canadiens faisant actuellement des études secondaires ou de premier ou deuxième cycles universitaires. L'inscription est gratuite.


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Francisco Reyes Peguero, McGill University The Gatekeepers: The Culture of Higher Music institutions and its Conditioning of the Field of Music Education and the Music Teaching Profession.

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire 

1st place - Emily Leavitt, Mount Allison University Percussion, Passion, and Painting for the Piano: An Exploratory Essay Examining Claude Debussy’s use of External Influences.

2nd place - Olivia Adams, University of Western Ontario Asian Influences in Alexina Louie’s Piano Music


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Kevin Ngo, University of Calgary Studying Mozart’s Piano Music in the 21st Century: Are we using the wrong texts?

2nd place - Gabrielle Smith, McGill University All education is political, teaching is never a neutral act

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire

1st place - Helen Geng, University of Toronto Multicultural Repertoire in Concert Band

2nd place - Sarah Klapman, Mount Allison University Mushroom Cloud Music: The postmodern supernatural in Adams’ Doctor Atomic

High School / Élèves du secondaire

1st place - William Lin, BC Integrating Music with STEM Education

2nd place - Gabrielle Bonifacio, BC Band Wants You!


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Gretchen Schwarz, McGill University Authentic Transmission: Ghanaian Music Pedagogy for Westerners

2nd place - Hilary McLaughlin, University of Toronto Finding Musical Expression Through Photography and Film

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire

1st place - Chris Taeyoung Kin, University of Toronto Bridging the Gap Between Classically Trained University Music Educators and Classroom Pedagogy

2nd place - Louisa Lu, University of Alberta Music therapy as an alternative and more desired treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

High School / Élèves du secondaire

1st place - Zelyn Lee, BC Tennis and the Piano: Integrating Sports into Music

2nd place - Evelyn Verhoef, AB Music Therapy and the Autistic Child


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Karen King, University of Ottawa Context, Analysis and Pedagogical Implications of Liszt’s “St Francois d’Assise: la prédication aux oiseaux”

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire

1st place - Anna Wang McGill University Four Solitudes

2nd place - Thomas Ingram University of Manitoba “Blow pretty strong”: Kinaesthesia, solipsism and the problem of clarinet pedagogy

High School / Élèves du secondaire

1st place - Luke Henderson, Nova Scotia The “Reel” Deal: Benefits of Traditional Fiddle Playing for Classical Violin Students

2nd place - Cynthia Gan, Alberta The Eccentric Prodigy: Challenges Facing Musically Gifted Children, their Parents, and their Teachers Honourable Mention Elizabeth Roberts, Manitoba The Art of Performing: how music and public speaking are similar


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Kelvin Chan, McGill University Three significant challenges facing El Sistema organizers in the United States

2nd place - Elizabeth Skinner, McGill University Metis Fiddling: Contextual Authenticity

Honourable mention Graham Isaak, Conservatoire de musique de Montréal Widespread Mystery: Canadian Music History University

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire

1st place - Sarah Suchan, University of Saskatchewan Education of First Nations Music: Approaches to Effective Integration in the Band Classroom

2nd place - Gregory Lewis, University of Manitoba Successful Music Lessons After Divorce: How a Child can Excel with Music Lessons While Practicing in Two Different Homes

High School / Élèves du secondaire

1st place - Augusta Redekop, Manitoba From Britney to Berio: My Journey of Singing and Sonic Discovery

2nd place - Kyrie Robinson, Nova Scotia Music is a Form of Magic


University Graduate / Deuxième cycle universitaire

1st place - Adam Daudrich MA. Music Education, McGill University Getting the notes in the right place: The application of Shannon's Communication Theory to jazz rhythm instruction

2nd place - Melanie Doberai M. Education, University of Alberta Social, genetic and psychological factors that influence musically gifted and talented children

University Undergraduate / Premier cycle universitaire

1st place - Michael MacMillan B. Music, Mt. Alison University Word Painting in Bartok's Improvisations: Exploration and Practical Application

2nd place - Elizabeth Clarke B. Music, University of Alberta Suffer for your art? Music physiotherapy and an interdisciplinary analysis of pianists' injuries

High School / Élèves du secondaire

1st place - Alison Griffith Nepean, ON Lessons from music

2nd place - David Cooper Fredericton, NB Trombone performance preparation and practise