Who can participate?

• Students of teachers who belong to Provincial Associations,which are members of CFMTA
• All instrumentalists and vocalists
• All levels from beginner to advanced
• CFMTA members may register to be an adjudicator for this festival

Qui peut participer?

• Les élèves de professeurs membres d'associations provinciales membres de la FCAPM
• Tous les instrumentistes et chanteurs
• Tous les niveaux, de débutant à avancé
• Les membres de la FCAPM peuvent s'inscrire pour faire partie du jury de ce festival

E-Festival – Gold Seals Awarded / Festival virtuel – Sceaux Or octroyés

CFMTA COVID-19 Special E-Festival Event an Extraordinary Success!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and quarantine protocols enacted across Canada in March 2020, students had to stay away from their weekly in person music lessons, and many annual music festivals were forced to make the difficult decision to cancel.

Since January 2019, the CFMTA has offered virtual music festivals to the students of their members through their E-Festival program and decided to offer a special CFMTA COVID-19 E-Festival event for those students who had been working so diligently toward a festival performance. Just like the local music festival, the virtual festival would allow students to perform their chosen selection and receive a written adjudication. With hope that an E-Festival could provide some extra motivation for students, as well as a performance opportunity that may have otherwise been missed, we were uncertain how many would take this unexpected opportunity.

The CFMTA COVID-19 E-Festival went VIRAL!

The CFMTA COVID-19 E-Festival was truly a NATIONAL E-Festival as entries came in from every Province and Territory that has a Provincial Registered Music Teachers' Association! Thank you to the Provincial Associations for your communications and support to your teachers!

There were approximately 400 entries across multiple disciplines and levels in the 6 days that entries were accepted. Some of the entries included disciplines such as Woodwinds, Strings and Speech Arts in addition to Voice and Piano classes.

There were 34 Bronze Seals, 205 Silver Seals and 150 Gold Seals awarded. Many adjudicators noted that the performances were at an exceptionally high performance level and that the students were very well prepared for their local festival performances.  The CFMTA E-Festival Committee congratulates all the participants on their performances and successes in this special E-Festival event!

The CFMTA E-Festival Committee would also like to thank the adjudicators for investing and sharing their time, energy and knowledge with the participants in this relatively new format. There were over 70 adjudicators registered, and we are grateful that so many Registered Music Teachers from across Canada were interested in helping students continue their musical learning and growth duringthis time of great learning curves.

The next CFMTA E-Festival event is scheduled for Canada Music Week, November 22 to 26, 2020. This Canada Music Week E-Festival will be for Canadian compositions only and we hope that it will provide a short term goal for students returning in the fall to their lessons.

We hope that teachers and students will consider participating in the upcoming E-Festival programs, whether online music lessons and exams are still the norm or not!


Best wishes for safety and wellness to all!
Lorna Wanzel, CFMTA E-Festival Chair
Terri-Lynn McNichol, CFMTA E-Festival Administrator


Gold Seals were awarded to (multiple listing means a Gold Seal was awarded for additional performances adjudicated):

  • Oliver Gao
  • Yu XIn (Tracy) Yang
  • Camryn Winnicky-Lewis
  • Camryn Winnicky-Lewis
  • Melada Abusada
  • Sameer Abusada
  • Alan Xu
  • Leah Siu
  • Ayumi Sinclair
  • Austin Wang
  • Nozomu Sinclair
  • Emily Hou
  • Youji William Li
  • Frank Lu
  • Frank Lu
  • Caelan Prescott
  • Maverick Shannon
  • Chloe MacNay
  • Kevin Liu
  • Mijia Li
  • Kasha Anne
  • Tia Wong
  • Daniel Hai
  • Daniel Hai
  • Rowan Sawatski
  • Myles Terry
  • Stephen Palma
  • Baiyu An
  • Baran Farhangnia
  • Layla Yerama
  • Madison Mulherin
  • Daniel Claudepierre
  • Fen Krotz Adams
  • Indi Tisoy
  • Malcolm Warkentin
  • Malcolm Warkentin
  • Brandon Mulherin
  • Adele Kushner
  • Adele Kushner
  • Madoc Sullivan
  • Seamus Sullivan
  • Maxen Morrison
  • Elisa Li
  • Lucas Tang
  • Zhanghan Hu
  • Anna Korol
  • Cassius Ford
  • Cassius Ford
  • Cassius Ford
  • Brenda Lam
  • Brenda Lam
  • Mariya Korol
  • Bridget Graham
  • Sumedha Ray
  • Sumedha Ray
  • Anya Delafield
  • Kaya Piotrowski
  • Damian Piotrowski
  • Haoyue Tang
  • Hannele Agbunag
  • Hannele Agbunag
  • Tiger Chen
  • Audrey Chang
  • Audrey Chang
  • Lara Khaddaj
  • Julian Kapalanga
  • Jinelle An
  • Olivia Hou
  • Misha Bagrianski
  • Samuel Lacy
  • Jacqueline O'Keeffe
  • Vivian Gardner
  • Caroline Gardner
  • Caroline Gardner
  • Russelle Mulat
  • Jerry Jierui Li
  • Jacob Small
  • Kyle Pierre
  • Anthony Morassutti
  • Veronika Kozinski
  • Cassidy Wieler
  • Cassidy Wieler
  • Cassidy Wieler
  • Haley Anne Power
  • Haley Anne Power
  • Brian Fei
  • Jonathan Urschel
  • Annie Li
  • Victor Rasiga
  • Victor Rasiga
  • Edward Yan
  • Edward Yan
  • Adam Luu
  • Natalie Bourne
  • Cyrus Shobeir
  • Sara Shobeir
  • Tianyi Yu (Ryan)
  • Tianyi Yu (Ryan)
  • Tianyi Yu (Ryan)
  • Urvi Ghose
  • Leif Montgomery
  • Charis Li
  • Sophia Metallinos
  • Christy Hung
  • Sofia Nicole Conway
  • Justin Jiang
  • Justin Jiang
  • Bufan Sun
  • Bufan Sun
  • Sissi He
  • Arthur Bridson
  • Elliot Bridson
  • Alba Vincelli
  • Cara Vincelli
  • Ella Gao
  • Owen Chow
  • Owen Chow
  • Aira Shyam
  • Briana Elizabeth Perrone
  • Anista De Matas Payne
  • Melody Zhu
  • Melody Zhu
  • Emily Nelson
  • Romulus Lubbong
  • Matthew Mintsis
  • Nathaniel Hou
  • Nathaniel Hou
  • Nathaniel Hou
  • Erwin Keresztes
  • Erwin Keresztes
  • Tegwen Sak
  • Tiffany Nguyen
  • Anais Asra Lavenir
  • Lilliana Tong
  • Seamus Zirnhelt
  • Alexander Bai
  • Ava Lee
  • Avery Ma
  • Daniel Mao
  • Daniel Mao
  • Ava Ma
  • Huiyi Jia
  • Lily-anne Hein
  • Kaia Boseovski
  • Rowan Dawn Dixon
  • Tedrick Sak
  • Lucy Nicholls
  • Anna Kiss

We would like to thank the 5 Adjudicators from Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario for sharing their time, energy and knowledge with the students and teachers who participated in this E-Festival. The Adjudicators awarded 4 Bronze Seals, 20 Silver Seals and 5 Gold Seals.

The Gold Seals were awarded to:
Mya Braun
Sierra Brooks
Carmen McClusky
Steven Stewart
Cici Xu

We would like to thank all the entrants for their lovely performances and hope that you will be willing and able to participate in a future CFMTA E-Festival!

Nous souhaitons remercier les cinq juges, de l'Alberta, du Nouveau-Brunswick et de l'Ontario, pour leur temps et leur travail, et pour avoir partagé leurs connaissances avec les élèves et professeurs qui ont pris part au festival virtuel. Les juges ont attribué 4 sceaux bronze, 20 sceaux argent et 5 sceaux or.

Les sceaux or ont été remis à :
Mya Braun
Sierra Brooks
Carmen McClusky
Steven Stewart
Cici Xu

Nous désirons remercier tous les participants pour leurs merveilleuses prestations et espérons qu'ils seront prêts et voudront prendre part au prochain festival virtuel de la FCAPM!

DIVISION 1 – Primary (Preparatory to Grade 2) / Débutant (niveau préparatoire à niveau 2)
Mira Allen
Callindra Beilby
Elizabeth Beilby
Kolven Cook
Raymond Lin
Jonathan Niu
Caitlyn Seefried
Hannah Yao

DIVISION 2 – Elementary (Grades 3 to 5) / Primaire (niveaux 3 à 5)
Sophia Byrne
Emma-Flore Ghia
Helen Zhao

DIVISION 3 – Intermediate (Grades 6 to 8) / Intermédiaire (niveaux 6 à 8)
Anna-Lucia Mena Shevchenko
Abby Slipp

DIVISION 4 – Advanced (Grades 9 and up) / Avancé (niveaux 9 et plus)
Cynthia Liang
Kendra Palles
Phoebe Qui
Cynthia Wang

DIVISION 1 – Primary (Preparatory to Grade 2) / Débutant (niveau préparatoire à niveau 2)
Enam Adjafefa
Audrey Bird
Chelsea Cook
Jorgie Cornish
Lucia Li

DIVISION 2 – Elementary (Grades 3 to 5) / Primaire (niveaux 3 à 5)
Maya Brandner
Kaslyn Chan
Joel Cook
Sophie Phelan
Arash Pilipowicz

DIVISION 3 – Intermediate (Grades 6 to 8) / Intermédiaire (niveaux 6 à 8)
Sara Ferros
Jaiyun (Elsa) Liu (for 2 different entries)
Vivienne Mah
Abby Slipp
Ricky Yang
Arshia Zaman
Qinrong Valeria Zhao

DIVISION 4 – Advanced (Grades 9 and up) / Avancé (niveaux 9 et plus)
Sebastian Reinberg-Abernathy
Samantha Lan
Jaiden McDonald
Ivy Shi
Sue Wang