e.g. they

Session / Présentation

Workshop, lecture, performance, etc / Ex. atelier, conférence, récital, etc.
(English or French) / (Anglais ou Français)
In minutes / En minutes
Live, pre-recorder, or either / Ex. préenregistré ou en direct

Note: Sessions will be primarily pre-recorded. Live virtual sessions will be considered by the selection committee, but may not be accommodated. It is suggested that applicants proposing a live session be able to adapt the session to pre-recorded format.

Approx. 35 words / Environ 35 mots
Approx. 250 words / Environ 250 mots
Use this space to include any additional information that the committee should be aware of / Ajoutez ici les informatiques pertinent au comité
Approx. 100 words / Environ 100 mots
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Up to 1 mb / Jusqu'à 1 Mo