2020 CFMTA COVID-19  E-Festival   |   Adjudicator Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming an adjudicator for the 2020 CFMTA E-Festival! Your willingness to try this new online format is appreciated!

April 14 - April 19, 2020


  • Relaxed performance opportunity
  • Some of participants may not be “performance perfect” but are hoping to use this as an additional teaching tool.
  • Adjudication from outside of your geographic area, to lessen the chance of knowledge of student and/or teacher.

What is expected of an E-Festival Adjudicator?

  • Complete the online Adjudicator form at https://www.cfmta.org/en/e-festival/adjudicators, listing all disciplines and levels that you are interested in adjudicating.
  • Adjudications will be done by accessing private YouTube videos, observing the video performance and typing your comments on the provided form.
    • The YouTube URL to access the performance video will be sent to you with the forms you will use to complete the adjudication.
    • A separate form will be completed for every entry you adjudicate.
    • Written comments should be detailed but concise, citing what was done well, along with constructive suggestions for improvement. The goal is to be encouraging and helpful.
    • A grading will be assigned to each performance – Bronze [80-84], Silver [85-88], Gold [89 and above].
  • Completed adjudications to be returned by email to administrator within 5 days of receipt.
  • Submission of Adjudicator Remuneration form to administrator by date given
  • Remuneration formula is based on $40/hour. The following chart is a guideline on the approximate amount of time per adjudication, per level.


Level RCM / CC Grade Max Playing Time Approx Adj Time Adjudicator fee
Division 1 Primary Prep – RCM Gr 2 3 min 6 minutes 10/hour = $4 each
Division 2 Elementary RCM Gr 3-5 5 min 7 minutes 8/hour - $5 each
Division 3 Intermediate RCM Gr 6-8 6 min 10 minutes 6/hour = $7 each
Division 4 Advanced RCM Gr 9 and up 10 min 15 minutes 4/hour = $10


We will endeavor to have the videos reviewed by adjudicators from outside of the home province of the entrant.

For more information contact Terri-Lynn McNichol, E-Festival Administrator at efestival@cfmta.org

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