CFMTA Canada Music Week® E-Festival | Adjudicator Information

Thank you for your interest in becoming an adjudicator for the CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival!



  • A national celebration of Canadian diversity through the learning and sharing of music.
  • Give CFMTA members the opportunity to gain adjudication experience
  • A safe space for any and all music students of Registered Music Teachers


What is expected of an E-Festival Adjudicator?

  • Complete the online Adjudicator form at, listing all disciplines that you are interested in adjudicating.
  • Adjudications will be done by accessing private YouTube videos, observing the video performance, and giving your feedback in either a written or video format (as per the preference of the adjudicator)
  • If you receive a video that you feel uncomfortable adjudicating, please let the E-Festival administrator know as soon as possible so that it can be re-assigned.
  • Feedback should be both thorough and encouraging. Pretend you are giving a mini lesson on the performance.
  • Remuneration formula is based on $40/hour. The following chart is a guideline on the approximate amount of time per adjudication, per video length


Video Length Approx Adj Time Adjudicator Pay
Up to 2 minutes 6 minutes 10/hour = $4 each
2 to 5 minutes 7 minutes 8/hour = $5 each
5 to 7 minutes 10 minutes 6/hour = $7 each
7 minutes or more 15 minutes 4/hour = $10 each


Process & Timeline

  • Watch the video entry (will be sent by e-mail on November 20th, 2020)
  • Fill out the written feedback form template OR record a video giving your feedback/demonstrating. Publish it on YouTube as an unlisted video.
  • Write the students name and sign the e-certificate template
  • *Consider if this would be a good video to feature (see below for more info)
  • Send your feedback, the e-certificate and any recommendations for feature videos to before November 25th, 2020


*We want to know if you see:

  • A video showing “Canadianisms”
  • An element of diversity of the student and/or the music
  • A particularly well-made video
  • An extremely polished performance
  • Anything that jumps out and grabs your attention that you think we should share


For more information contact Liz Craig, E-Festival Administrator at

Deadline to sign up - October 15th, 2020.