The adjudication is done by a verified CFMTA RMT from a different province than the competitor in Canada, who provided the written adjudication on that performance from the comfort of their home and on their time within 7 days of receiving the video file.

Ashmit will receive a Certificate of Participation with a Silver Seal via Canada Post, as assigned by his adjudicator, Dr. Cristina Hauser from McGill University

Taking part in an E-Festival has the potential of reducing, and assisting a student with performance anxiety concerns, as well as reducing the costs often associated with a live festival performance, such as new clothes, loss of time at school for the students and loss of time at work for the parents, as well as additional travelling expenses.

If you feel this is something you would like your student or child to experience, please view the complete CFMTA E-Festival Rules & Regulations posted on the website: