The CFMTA E-Festival is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists of any age performing at all levels, who are studying with a teacher who is a member of one of our affiliated provincial Registered Music Teachers’ Associations

The CFMTA COVID-19 E-Festival will be accepting entries from ANY composer of any style and genre of repertoire. Students may submit more than one entry.

The intent for this CFMTA E-Festival is to provide a performance opportunity for this time of social distancing.

Time Line

  • Entries will be accepted starting April 14, 2020 at 12 Midnight Pacific Standard Time
  • Entries will close on April 19, 2020 at 12 Midnight Pacific Standard Time
  • Detailed written adjudication returned via email within one (1) week of the confirmation of entry
  • Certificate returned by Canada Post by May 15, 2020

Repertoire guidelines

  • Memorization is encouraged but not compulsory

Class and Fee Structure

Level RCM/CC Grade level Entry Fee
Division 1 Primary Prep – Grade 2 $25/entry
Division 2 Elementary Grades 3-5 $30/entry
Division 3 Intermediate Grades 6-8 $35/entry
Division 4 Advanced Grade 9 and up $40/entry


Recording guidelines

  • Professional recordings are not required for this competition, but good audio quality is very important
  • MP4 video recording of each competition selection. iPhone/cell phone videos with good quality audio are acceptable.
  • Video recording can be done in home or studio or other location
    • Must include a clear picture of the student playing showing face or facial profile, hands (in the case of pianist and instrumentalist), and instrument
    • One take recording
    • Editing or splicing in any form is strictly prohibited
    • Camera angle must remain consistent throughout the performance
  • Upload recording to your own YouTube channel as “UNLISTED” video – anyone with the link can view the video.

Registration requirements

  • Full contact information of student and teacher
  • Full repertoire information
  • The link to the recording on your YouTube channel
  • A PDF file of complete score and the title page of the book or receipt if a digital download
  • Online entry form can be found at:
  • Payment by PayPal required for entry to be accepted.


  • Each participant will receive:
    • a detailed adjudication of their performance [English or French]
    • a Certificate of Participation with a Gold [89 and above], Silver [85-88] or Bronze [80-84] seal


For registration form:

Please be prepared with the following before starting to complete the online entry form:

  • Competitor information, including address, phone number and email address.
  • CFMTA Provincial/Local Music Teacher Association teacher information, including phone number, email address and affiliated association.
  • Video Recordings must be uploaded to YouTube as “Unlisted” by the entrant with the link to the recording provided on the entry form where indicated.
  • A PDF file of the selection of music performed in the competition is to be uploaded in the fields provided in the entry form. The PDF must include the title page of the book and all pages of music performed in the competition. If the competition selection is a digital download, please include the receipt in the PDF file.
  • Payment of entry fee by PayPal in Canadian Funds as per chart.
  • Entry is not considered final until entry fee payment has been verified by the CFMTA treasurer and/or the CFMTA E-Festival Administrator.
  • Visit or to complete online entry form.

Please contact Terri-Lynn McNichol, E-Festival Administrator at: with any questions or concerns regarding the entry format or process for this competition.