The 2019 CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival E-Festival was held from November 1 through to November 22, 2019 inclusive. We received 99 video recordings of performances of Canadian Compositions.

There were entries from 9 different provinces for this CFMTA E-Festival including entries from provinces which had not previously participated – 2 from Newfoundland, and 1 from Nova Scotia. The other provinces which had students participate in the 2019 CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival were British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and New Brunswick.

The 2019 CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival had some exciting entries, including the first flute performance entry from Newfoundland and the first piano duet!

Entries by Instrument:
1 = Flute
1 = Piano Duet
70 = Piano
7 = Violin
20 = Voice

There was a total of 16 adjudicators from across Canada.  This included 2 string adjudicators. The adjudicators reviewed the video entries and awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Seals for each performance. The students had the written adjudications returned as soon as the adjudicators completed them, and the certificates with the seals were mailed out upon completion of the CFMTA E-Festival. The adjudicators awarded 26 Bronze Seals, 50 Silver Seals, and 23 Gold Seals across the 4 Divisions.

The CFMTA E-Festival Committee would like to thank all the teachers, students and adjudicators who participated in this CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival.

The E-Festival Committee has heard the comments and requests, and is pleased to announce that the next CFMTA E-Festival will be the first “Open” E-Festival, where students of members of Registered Music Teachers’ Associations  from across Canada can submit video recordings of ANY piece, by ANY composer, on ANY instrument, at ANY level!

The 2020 CFMTA Open E-Festival will accept entries from February 7 to February 28, 2020 inclusive. Complete information, including Rules and Regulations and Adjudicator Registration Form will be available on the website before the end of December 2019. Please visit or for full details.   Starting February 7, 2020 you may start to submit video performances via the online entry form.

Gold Seals for the 2019 CFMTA Canada Music Week E-Festival were awarded to:

DIVISION 1 – Primary (Preparatory to Grade 2)
Enam Adjafefa
Audrey Bird
Chelsea Cook
Jorgie Cornish
Lucia Li

DIVISION 2 – Elementary (Grades 3 to 5)
Maya Brandner
Kaslyn Chan
Joel Cook
Sophie Phelan
Arash Pilipowicz

DIVISION 3 – Intermediate (Grades 6 to 8)
Sara Ferros
Jaiyun (Elsa) Liu (for 2 different entries)
Vivienne Mah
Abby Slipp
Ricky Yang
Arshia Zaman
Qinrong Valeria Zhao

DIVISION 4 – Advanced (Grades 9 and up)
Sebastian Reinberg-Abernathy
Samantha Lan
Jaiden McDonald
Ivy Shi
Sue Wang

Past Winners

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