Hugheen Ferguson Distinguished Teacher Award was presented to Cindy Taylor (BC) and to Tiffany A. Wilson (MB)

Hailing from Ocean Falls, BC, Cindy has spent her life in Campbell River. She joined the BCRMTA on November 1, 1978 and has been teaching since that time. Her service to the RMTA has included various executive position and in 2005 Cindy was elected as Second Vice President of the BCRMTA. Her term as Past President of that organization ended in April 2021. In 2013 Cindy was elected to the position of President of the CFMTA. Cindy's community service has been constant and wide ranging and she has become a well known advocate of Canadian Music.

Award presented by Joanne Lougheed (R- Past President BCRMTA) to Cindy Taylor (L)

Tiffany Wilson is a well known and respected music teacher in Winnipeg MB. In 2015 she joined the executive of the CFMTA as Vice President and her tenure as President ended in 2019. It was in that year that she headed the committee that hosted the 2019 CFMTA Conference. Tiffany students benefit from her generous nature and warm personality. She is known for going the extra mile, not only in her teaching, but in all things in which she is involved. She sings a mean aria, is a wonderful host and a dear supportive friend.

Award presented by Leanne Hiebert (L - Past President MRMTA) and Evangeline Keeley (R - President MRMTA) to Tiffany Wilson (M)