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Anita Perry Office Hours
PO Box 814 9:30 am - 11:30 am (Pacific)
Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0
admin@cfmta.org 250-328-2198

CFMTA Executive Officers

Past President President 1st Vice President
Laureen Kells Laura Gray Kimerica Parr
pastpresident@cfmta.org president@cfmta.org 1stvicepresident@cfmta.org
2nd Vice President  Secretary Treasurer 
Anita Perry Lois Kerr
admin@cfmta.org treasurer@cfmta.org


Archives Charline Farrell archives@cfmta.org
Awards and Competitions  Lynn Ewing competitions@cfmta.org
By-Law, Policies and Procedures Marlaine Osgood bylaws@cfmta.org
Canada Music Week© Joyce Hein canadamusicweek@cfmta.org
Canadian Music Teacher Editor and Advertising Manager Dina Pollock editor@cfmta.org    604 614 3298
Conference Resource Person Evangeline Keeley conferenceresource@cfmta.org
E-Festival Abigail Freeman efestival@cfmta.org
Administrator Lisa Cosens Brillon efestival@cfmta.org
Essay Writing Competition Catherine Bartlett essaycompetition@cfmta.org
Finance Chair  Kimerica Parr 1stvicepresident@cfmta.org
Nominations & Elections  Tiffany Wilson nominations@cfmta.org
Professional Development and Research Andrew Kizas pro-dev.research@cfmta.org
Program Funding & Grant Application Nathene Arthur funding.grant@cfmta.org
Public Relations & Marketing Amy Boyes publicrelations.marketing@cfmta.org
Social Media Chair Alessandra Matthews socialmedia@cfmta.org
Strategic Planning  VACANT
Translations David Cote translations@cfmta.org
Webmaster Dina Pollock webmaster@cfmta.org
Young Artist (National)  Louisa Lu youngartist@cfmta.org