Head Office Contact Information

Anita Perry
13409 Hermiston Drive
Summerland, BC V0H 1Z8

CFMTA Executive Officers

President Past President
Laureen Kells Tiffany Wilson
president@cfmta.org pastpresident@cfmta.org
Vice President Secretary Treasurer 
Paula Rockwell Anita Perry Lois Kerr
vicepresident@cfmta.org admin@cfmta.org treasurer@cfmta.org


Awards and Competitions  By-Law, Policies and Procedures Canada Music Week©
Sue Jones Lorna Wanzel Po Yeh
competitions@cfmta.org bylaws@cfmta.org canadamusicweek@cfmta.org
Canadian Music Teacher Editor and Advertising Manager Conference Resource Person E-Festival
Dina Pollock Joanne Lougheed Lorna Wanzel
editor@cfmta.org    604 614 3298 president@bcrmta.bc.ca efestival@cfmta.org
Finance Chair Nominations & Elections  Professional Development and Research 
Paula Rockwell Tiffany Wilson Pat Frehlich
vicepresident@cfmta.org pastpresident@cfmta.org professionaldevelopment@cfmta.org
Public Relations and Marketing Social Media Chair Strategic Planning Committee Chair 
Pat Frehlich Michael Kaulkner Henry Klassen
publicrelations@cfmta.org socialmedia@cfmta.org strategicplanning@cfmta.org
Video Resources Translations Young Artist (National) 
Dina Pollock Barbara Long Tiffany Wilson
webmaster@cfmta.org translations@cfmta.org pastpresident@cfmta.org
Dina Pollock