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What is a copyright?
A copyright is made up of a variety of different rights. The Canadian Copyright Act recognized three main rights:

  • The right to produce or copy the musical work (such as sheet music)
  • The right to reproduce the musical work, including mechanical rights (such as cassette and digital audio reproductions) and synchronization rights (such as music in films, videos, and multimedia productions)
  • Performing rights, which are the rights to perform a work in public (such as a live concert, a recording or any other type of public performance) and the right to communicate to the public by telecommunication (e.g., a broadcast) * info taken from -


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The CFMTA recognizes there are Registered Music Teachers who transfer their membership from one province/territory to another. These teachers are unable to be recognized by their Provincial Associations once they reach milestone dates of recognition awarded to members who remain in one location.

The National Membership Recognition Certificate provides acknowledgement for those RMTs who are long-time Registered Music Teachers in good standing. The certificate will be granted upon application to those RMTs who have belonged to two or more provincial/territorial associations in the CFMTA. Certificates may be applied for commencing with a total of 20 years’ membership and may be reapplied for every ten years thereafter.

The following criteria and form should be compiled by the applicant and sent to the National CFMTA Secretary. Upon approval, the Province/Territory registrar will receive the certificate, signed by the current President of the CFMTA for presentation by the local branch or organization at their own discretion.

The National Membership Recognition Certificate shall be reviewed by the CFMTA Past President and be administered by the National Secretary.


  • Provide proof of dates and membership in each Province/Territory by registrar
  • Written proof that the applicant is and/or was in good standing in each Province/Territory
  • Minimum 20 years total membership

Application form

  1. Personal information of the applicant including current provincial/territorial membership
  2. Letter of Membership from each province/territory stating the length of membership in their organization and including a statement of good standing of the applicant
  3. Fee: $20 payable to CFMTA by PayPal


The certificate will include the name of the applicant, total years of membership, the CFMTA logo and the signature of the National President. It is suggested that the certificate be presented during a local branch recognition ceremony to which the applicant currently belongs.

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We have started a photo website for members to view and have the ability to download the photos.

Here is the link - to download you will need a password, contact the Webmaster or the Secretary  -

If you have photos, please forward them. Thank you

Photo Releases

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Canada has two nationally accredited conservatories of music, Conservatory Canada and the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Achievement in their Certification Programs is recognized for credit toward secondary school graduation in many school systems across Canada.

Each Ministry of Education determines accreditation for their provinces. Students should consult with their private music teacher or high school guidance counselor for more details.

View The Royal Conservatory Accredition Page
View Conservatory Canada Accredition Page

Welcome to the Video Resource Library page.

This is a collaborative project with all the provinces and territory of CFMTA. Each province/territory will select content from their annual programming, record it and submit it to the CFMTA. These videos will be accessible through the website and password protected. Topics will deal with all aspects of teaching music and a new video will be added each month starting October 2018.

It’s so exciting to be able to provide our teachers with this new initiative that will bring the expertise of our own RMT Teachers directly into our homes and studio.

To enter you will need the password - if you don't know it please contact:
Dina Pollock -

Please click HERE to view the available videos

Videos Available
  • Piano - Dr. Michel Fournier
  • Piano - Charles Richard-Hamelin
  • Piano - D Finch & Dr. C Vanderkooy
  • Strings - Eric Wilson
  • Strings - Bryan Cheng
  • Vocal - Patricia O'Callaghan
  • Vocal - R Braun, J Greer, & A Pieczonka


  • Developing good Listeners - Karla Dawe
  • Redefinig Technique - Dr. Edmund Dawe
  • Expanding the Musical Canon - Dr. Andrew Kizas
  • Diversifying the Repertoire - Amy Boyes
  • PROPer Piano Pedagogy - Karen Gerelus
  • Loud and Clear - Olivia Adams
  • From Bedroom to Broadcast - Neven Prostran
  • Making the Most of Musical Ideas - Dr. Richard Covey
  • Ethics to Teach by - Elsie Goerzen
  • Teaching Online Lessons - Linda Gould
  • Risk, Regroup, Rebound - Dr. Christine Vanderkooy
  • Music Performance Anxiety - Catherine bundt
  • Teacher Know Thyself - Dr. Dale Wheeler
  • Keyboard Connection for Kids - Marjory Purdy
  • Liszt & Chopin - Dr Warszynski
  • From Bellini to Belt - Mary Joy Nelson
  • Performance Anxiety - Susan Blyth-Scholfield
  • Do you Hear What I Hear? - Dr. Dale Wheeler
  • Melody Writing - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Lori-Lynn Penny

Dear CFMTA/FCAPM Members,

Recently, many Canadian provinces and territories have begun to relax some of the restrictions put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. As a result, many of you have or will resume providing face-to-face music lessons. Given the inherent risks associated with face-to-face lessons, the CFMTA is of the view that it would be prudent to obtain a waiver and release from your program participants and/or their parent or guardian prior to participating in further lessons. The waiver applies to COVID-19 and other viral and infectious diseases including SARS, MERS etc (the “Diseases”). The purpose of a waiver and release is twofold: for participants and/or their parent/guardian to acknowledge they are voluntarily assuming the risk of contracting various Diseases while attending lessons; and to waive their right to pursue legal action should they contract any Disease while attending your premises. The CFMTA has retained legal counsel to draft a form of waiver for the exclusive use of our individual members, a copy of which is attached below.

The legal advice obtained by the CFMTA has cautioned that this type of waiver and release may not be legally enforceable given the law in Canada suggests that a minor lacks the capacity to sign a contract of this nature. In some instances, for example in British Columbia, provincial law does not permit a parent/guardian to bind a minor to an agreement that waives the minor’s right to sue. In the circumstances, if a minor contracts a Disease while attending a face-to-face lesson there is no guarantee that a signed waiver and release will provide a complete defense should the minor ultimately choose to pursue legal action. That said, the advice we have received suggests that obtaining a waiver and release is the proper measure to take in the circumstances.

The risks and effects of COVID-19 are still not well understood. In choosing to resume providing your services, please be mindful that various Diseases have been shown to have a higher transmission rate through singing and the use of musical instruments compared to simply speaking. Please ensure you are well informed and up-to-date with respect to Provincial and Territorial health and safety guidelines and protocols such that you are taking every precaution to mitigate the transmission of Diseases, especially COVID-19.


Click here to access the Waiver / Release (please note this is a password protected page) HINT: same password to access any members file

If you need the password - please email