Semifinal Round

Submission period:  June 23, 24, 25, 2021.

Judging period: June 28, 29, 2021.

Three finalists will be announced June 30, 2021

Instructions for competitors

  1. Please send an unedited video of your performance. Upload your video to YouTube  (public or unlisted).  Videos edited in any way will not be accepted.  Participants should record their program in one session continuously.  Use 1080p as the size of your video.
  2. It is the responsibility of the performer to submit the best recording possible with the least amount of compression. Use of an external microphone is strongly advised.
  3. The video must show the performer’s hands clearly. Although including the feet in the full profile would be helpful, the priority is, of course, sound quality.
  4. Participants may be required to submit an electronic copy of the score for a particular piece. No music will be returned, so please no hard copy submissions by regular mail.


Final Round

Submission period:  July 2, 3, 2021.

These submissions will be viewed during the conference, July 8,9, 2021

Finalists should follow the same guidelines and procedures given.

Final winner announcement will be made at the end of the conference.