The Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA) is an alliance of provincial and territorial music teacher associations. Each member association retains the complete and independent management of its own affairs.



The Executive Committee of the CFMTA is comprised of two representatives from each association (regardless of population or membership), appointed or elected by that association. Together, delegates collaborate to direct the affairs and programs of the CFMTA to the benefit of all associations and their individual members.



Each association is granted two votes, one per delegate, with the CFMTA President, Vice President and Past President also having one vote. The Secretary and Treasurer do not have a vote, and neither do committee chairs or individual members of associations.


Guiding Rules:

The CFMTA is subject to a Federal Act assented to March 9, 1961 which grants CFMTA a “body corporate and politic,” and operates by a set of By-laws (revised in 2013), Policies and Procedures, as well as Directives from Delegates or from standing or ad hoc committees. Changes to the Policies and Procedures Manual must be approved by the Executive Committee.

The text and details of the CFMTA By-laws and Policies and Procedures are found on our website.


The CFMTA Mission Statement
We are a national organization that provides leadership in music education across Canada.
We promote and support high standards of teaching among our provincial and territorial members.


In everything we do, we:

  1. Foster the learning of music as an integral part of the lives of Canadians.
  2. Provide opportunities for our members to enhance the musical experience for all Canadians.
  3. Honour and support Canadian music and its contribution to our culture.
  4. Represent our membership with other musical education organizations nationally and internationally.