CFMTA/FCAPM - MTNA Commemorative Conference

Baltimore, Maryland, March 18-22, 2017Print

The 2017 Commemorative Conference was held in Baltimore, Maryland, USA from March 18 to 22, once again bringing together members of the Music Teachers National Association(MTNA), the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA/FCAPM).

The Commemorative Conference celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first joint conference between our organizations, the 2007 Collaborative Conference, which was hosted by the Canadians and held in Toronto, Canada, March 23-27.

CFMTA/FCAPM should take pride in knowing that the vision for such collaborations came from a former CFMTA/FCAPM president, Hugheen Ferguson of Kingston, Ontario.

Aside from numerous workshops, lectures and masterclasses, attendees were treated to a most entertaining opening event by Igudesman and Joo, and a very memorable recital by internationally renowned pianists, Leon Fleisher and Katherine Jacobson.

A spectacular digital book of original Canadian compositions and artwork was complied and presented to MTNA members for a free download as our gift to them, in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary of Confederation. It will also be made available to CFMTA/FCAPM members through our website at - we hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to Po Yeh and her committee for their work in compiling this beautiful memento.

The provincial round winners all traveled to Baltimore to compete in the CFMTA/FCAPM National Piano Competition which was held there as part of the Commemorative Conference. Thanks to Sue Jones for coordinating this event.

My thanks is also extended to the conference committee: Tiffany Wilson, Barbara Long, Po Yeh and Sue Jones and Cindy Taylor(ex officio) for your assistance in so many ways.

Pat Frehlich, Conference Chair