CFMTA/FCAPM – Branching Out 2019

Music on the Move

CFMTA/FCAPM is pleased to announce the 2019 – 2020 Branching Out Initiative “Music on the Move”. Branches are encouraged to organize and present recitals in non-traditional venues. By doing this, we are branching out into our communities in non-traditional ways, as well as encouraging our students to present their music to audiences who may not otherwise have access.

Some suggestions for venues would be:

  • Hosting a recital in a local park
  • Hosting a recital in a local mall, restaurant, or small business
  • Hosting a sidewalk recital in front of a small business
  • Hosting a recital during intermission at a sporting event

By taking our music directly into the community we can continue to branch out in new and innovative ways.

CFMTA/FCAPM will donate $100.00 to each branch that hosts an event by March 15, 2020.

Applications submitted online - Deadline for submission March 31, 2020.

Information needed for the application:

  • Branch name
  • Branch contact person - with email and phone
  • Make cheque payable to
  • Mailing address for cheque
  • Short description of event
  • Photo

For more information: Anita Perry




Poster 8.5x11 -  Black & White
Poster 8.5 x 11 - Colour

Photo Consent Forms

Photo Consent Form (Word document)
Photo Consent Form - Adults (Word document)