CFMTA/FCAPM – Branching Out 2018

With so much need and want in our world these days, it is especially important for our students to feel empowered to be game changers. The Music Making A Difference Branching Out initiative will encourage music students across the country to raise money by playing concerts to benefit a local need. Some recital targets could be:

  • Your Community’s Food Bank
  • SPCA
  • Refugee sponsorship organizations
  • Hospice programs
  • A particular project such as providing socks for the homeless.
  • A local environmental issue

With this public outreach, local students, branches and provincial organizations can truly make a difference in their community. An engaging option would be to pair the donation recipient with the concert theme, i.e. a fundraiser for the SPCA could be a concert of animal-themed music; refugee fundraiser could feature music written by refugees or from parts of the world where there are many refugees.

CFMTA/FCAPM will donate $100 to each branch that hosts an event by March 15, 2019

Applications submitted online - Deadline for submission March 31, 2019.

Information needed for the application:

  • Branch name
  • Branch contact person - with email and phone
  • Make cheque payable to
  • Mailing address for cheque
  • Short description of event
  • Photo

For more information: Anita Perry




Poster 8.5x11 -  Black & White
Poster 8.5 x 11 - Colour

Photo Consent Forms

Photo Consent Form (Word document)
Photo Consent Form - Adults (Word document)