Branching Out 2021-2022:
Celebrating Musical Multiculturalism and Diversity in our Communities.

Throughout history, musicians have provided the soundtrack for moments of great social events and change.  Songs were sung for freedom and for protest, symphonies were written to create awareness and for celebration. In the context of music education, diversity carries many meanings, all of which are rooted in increasing awareness, accessibility and equality. At a socio – cultural level, it is actively seeking representation of various ethnicities, religions, gender identities in both the educator and student populations.  In a pedagogical framework, it is the inclusion of methodologies and techniques from an array of musical lineages including African, Asian, European and more.  In the artistic sense, it is the sharing of differing opinions, interpretations and idea.

In celebration and in honour of these changes,  the 2021-2022 Branching Out initiative, Celebrating Musical Multiculturalism and Diversity, encourages branches to host events that bring diverse musical and artistic traditions together. With a goal of experiencing and sharing music styles and traditions of non-Western European culture, and of understanding the similarities and differences on both a social and artistic level, these events will serve to educate and unite students, audiences and communities.

Some ideas:

  • Host a lecture/panel discussion comparing composition techniques from the European tradition to the ethno-musical tradition. This could be combined with a composition class
  • Host a lecture/panel discussion/demonstration comparing European traditional instruments to ethnic instruments, i.e. violins and African goje; Spanish guitar and Japanese koto. This could be followed by a concert or demonstration
  • Sponsor a concert of traditional ethnic music i.e. First Nations Drumming, Ukrainian Choir
  • An event celebrating the music of individuals and/or groups who have been silenced or marginalized

Let us celebrate how our diversity inspires and strengthens us as artists and as Canadians.


CFMTA/FCAPM will donate $100.00 to each branch that hosts an event by March 15, 2022.

Applications are to be submitted on-line at and must include a write-up of the event, a photo and a completed photo release form. Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2022.

For more information: Anita Perry




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Photo Consent Forms

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