In order to participate in this national competition,
you must have been selected by your provincial teachers’ association.


CFMTA/FCAPM National Voice Competition - 2021 Deadline May 1, 2021

1. The National Voice Competition is limited to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. Competitors must not have reached their 25th birthday by January 1, 2021.

2. Competitors must be students of a Registered Music Teacher at the time of application.

3. SEMI-FINAL ROUND - No changes in repertoire are permitted once application is submitted.

a) Competitors in the CFMTA/FCAPM National Competition must present a program list consisting of the following:

Each Singer will prepare 10 (or more) Vocal Selections

  • 1 or more must be an Aria
  • 1 or more must be German Lied
  • 1 or more must be French Mélodie
  • 1 or more must be National Art Song
  • 1 or more must be American or British Art Song
  • 2 or more must be Canadian Art Song (French and/or English)
  • 3 or more additional songs of the singer's choice - any language - may be art song/oratorio/mass/requiem/opera aria/folk song/other

*A strong recommendation is made for the singer to prepare one or more selections based on diversity - this could mean a piece composed by a BIPOC composer, a piece about diversity (content), or the struggles of minorities. In keeping with the conference theme, a special prize will be given for the best performance of a vocal selection based on diversity.

Of the selections, one (or more) selections must be composed prior to 1800

Of the selections, four (or more) languages must be represented, one of which must be Italian

At the semi-final round, the singers will sing 4 selections of their choice.

At the final round, the singers will sing a 25 to 35 minute program of their choice, based on the 10 (or more) selections submitted in their repertoire form. The repertoire list need not be thought of as comprising a complete recital program. Repertoire from the semi-final round may not be repeated.

All selections Must be memorized.

The selections should represent a variety of composers and eras. Repertoire should be of an advanced level such as Grade 10, ARCT and above. The selections need not be listed in any syllabus.

b) Three finalists will be selected from the Semi-Final Round of the competition to proceed to the Final round of the competition.

c) AWARDS given at the conclusion of the Semi-Final Round:


4. FINAL ROUND - No changes in repertoire are permitted once the selection has been submitted.
A completely new program must be presented. Time Limits: a minimum of 25 minutes to a maximum of 35 minutes.

AWARDS given at the conclusion of the Final Round

  • First Place: $5,000.00
  • Second Place: $3,000.00
  • Third Place: $2,000.00
  • Tiffany A. Wilson Award - Best performance of a selection in Italian: $750.00
  • Canadian Musical Diversity: $500 **

** To be eligible for the Canadian Musical Diversity Award, competitors are hereby encouraged to include a work demonstrating some aspect of Canadian music diversity in one of their competition programmes.  A short written explanation of the specific aspect of diversity demonstrated and its significance to the performer must be submitted with the application form. (100 words or less) This new competition has been created in order to celebrate our commitment to musical diversity in Canada and it will harmonize beautifully with the theme of our virtual conference 2021.



a) Each Provincial/Territorial Association will be responsible for the financial expenses incurred during the selection of its competitor. Each Provincial/Territorial Association may choose, by audition or otherwise, ONE competitor who will represent their Province/Territory.


The Online Application Form is available on the website - click here

Applications will be accepted using the online form only. You will need the following when applying online:

* Application Fee ($250.00) payment options are on the application form

* Photo – digital copy (1,000 kb)

* Resume (100 to 150 words maximum)

* List of Repertoire, in order of performance, for both Semi-Final and Final programs, including Title (complete), Composer (first and last name), performance time of each piece

* name/address/contact information of your teacher and CFMTA Provincial Representative.

*  We require a clean (no marks) scan of the original music of your semi-final round to be submitted with your application with bar numbers provided at the beginning of each line of music. (please provide link to file(s))


If you have any questions, please contact:

Lynn Ewing, Awards and Competitions Chair


Kimerica S. Parr, Voice Competition Chair