The CFMTA was founded on August 24, 1935 in Vancouver by a group of professional musicians who were also recognized as eminent teachers. They represented the Provincial Associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The impetus for the formation of this organization resulted from correspondence between Minnie Boyd of Winnipeg and Roy Robertson of Vancouver, as well as through consultation with the Presidents of the four founding Provincial Organizations. The officers elected to this new federation were: President - Roy Robertson (Vancouver); Vice-President - Mrs. O. J. Walker (Edmonton); Secretary-Treasurer - Minnie Boyd (Winnipeg). On August 26, 1935 a framework for the By-Laws and a Constitutional outline were drawn up.

Other Provincial Organizations gradually became affiliated with the CFMTA: Ontario in 1942, Nova Scotia in 1944, Quebec in 1945, New Brunswick in 1955, Newfoundland in 1987 and Prince Edward Island in 1995. The Yukon territory joined in 2011, with the Northwest Territories joining in 2021.

The first convention of the CFMTA was held in Vancouver in July, 1936...

The first convention of the CFMTA was held in Vancouver in July, 1936 with one hundred and fourteen delegates registered and the following year the second convention took place in Winnipeg. Subsequently conventions became a biennial event, hosted by Provincial/Territiorial organizations, and most provinces have taken on this role several times. During Convention Week a time is set aside for business to be conducted by the Executive Council, and the AGM provides all attending CFMTA members a chance to familiarize themselves with the affairs of the national organization. In a non-convention year provincial/territorial Delegates and the Executive hold business meetings and the AGM.

Currently the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers encompasses all provinces and the Yukon , with a membership of approximately 3500. We have national programs of interest to all Canadians, such as Canada Music Week, the Young Artist Tours which take place in every region of Canada, and the National Piano Competition which is held at our Biennial conventions. We promote musical excellence through the many workshops, master classes and musical events held by our member provinces/territories and our branches throughout Canada. We collaborate with music organizations to further progressive music education in Canada and communicate through our publication “ The Canadian Music Teacher” and our website.

This history was compiled by Margaret M. Westdal and up-dated by Barbara Clarke and Darlene Brigidear.


List of Past Presidents
1935 – 1937  Roy Robertson, Vancouver, BC
1937 – 1939  Minnie Boyd, Winnipeg, MB
1939 – 1941  May James, Vancouver, BC
1941 – 1946  Lyle Gustin, Saskatoon, SK
1946 – 1951  Edna-Marie Hawkin, Montreal, QC
1951 – 1955  Dan A. Cameron, Winnipeg, MB
1955 – 1959  B. Violet Isfeld, Winnipeg, MB
1959 – 1963  Reginald Bedford, Hamilton, ON
1963 – 1967  Robert Pounder, Edmonton, AB
1967 – 1971  Flora Goulden, Ottawa, ON
1971 – 1975  Helen Dahlstrom, Trail, BC
1975 – 1979  Thelma Wilson, Winnipeg, MB
1979 – 1983  Kathleen Fensom, Sackville, NS
1983 – 1987  Ernst Schneider, Penticton, BC
1987 – 1989  Jean Broadfoot, Winnipeg, MB
1989 – 1991  Matt Hughes, Halifax, NS
1991 – 1993  Marjorie Temple, Prince Albert, SK
1993 – 1995  Carol Mellors, Edmonton, AB
1995 – 1997  Virginia Heinrichs, Winnipeg, MB
1997 – 1999  Hugheen Ferguson, Kingston, ON
1999 – 2001  Marilyn King, Swift Current, SK
2001 – 2003  Barbara Clarke, St, John’s, NL
2003 – 2005  Victoria Warwick, London, ON
2005 – 2007  Patricia Frehlich, Edmonton, AB
2007 – 2009  Peggy L'Hoir, Biggar, SK
2009 – 2011  Darlene Brigidear, Surrey, BC
2011 – 2013  Lorna Wanzel,  Halifax, NS
2013 – 2015  Charline Farrell, Chatham, ON
2015 - 2017  Cynthia (Cindy) Taylor, Campbell River, BC
2017 - 2019  Tiffany Wilson, Winnipeg, MN
2019 - 2021  Laureen Kells, Tuffnell, SK
2021 - 2023  Laura Gray, Harriston, ON

75th Anniversary Edition