Strategic Planning

Greetings Delegates
In the past several years the CFMTA has undergone various strategic planning projects – from committee work to the hiring of a strategic planning firm. This has been valuable work and has allowed CFMTA to examine the various programs, operations, finances and future goals.
In July 2020 the committee went on hiatus due to lack of a chair and this happened again in 2021. In our current Policy and Procedure manual is found the summary and mandate of the committee –
The Strategic Planning Chair shall be the person who seeks out current practices and future directions of the CFMTA with a view of providing a guide to the Executive Committee for planning from year to year. The Strategic Planning Chair is a current member of has been a member of the Executive Committee.
We have seen a marked revitalization of our organization in recent years with new chairs coming on board, the successful virtual conference, a greater on line presence and renewed energy. This provides a perfect backdrop for continued planning.
If you fit the criteria listed above, have ideas that you feel would benefit the organization or ways to improve the CFMTA this chair position would be a perfect fit for you.
Please reach out to the current officers or the CFMTA Nominations chair Tiffany Wilson for more details.