Welcome to the Video Resource Library page.

This is a collaborative project with all the provinces and territory of CFMTA. Each province/territory will select content from their annual programming, record it and submit it to the CFMTA. These videos will be accessible through the website and password protected. Topics will deal with all aspects of teaching music and a new video will be added each month starting October 2018.

It’s so exciting to be able to provide our teachers with this new initiative that will bring the expertise of our own RMT Teachers directly into our homes and studio.

To enter you will need the password - if you don't know it please contact:
Dina Pollock - webmaster@cfmta.org

Please click HERE to view the available videos

Videos Available
  • Piano - Dr. Michel Fournier
  • Piano - Charles Richard-Hamelin
  • Piano - D Finch & Dr. C Vanderkooy
  • Strings - Eric Wilson
  • Strings - Bryan Cheng
  • Strings - Molly Carr
  • Vocal - Patricia O'Callaghan
  • Vocal - R Braun, J Greer, & A Pieczonka


  • The Space Between the Notes: Movement in Music - Josina Leder-Sears
  • Teaching Unnotated Ornamentation in Mozart to Piano Students Today - Dr. Kevin Ngo
  • PROPer Piano Pedagogy Part 2 - Dr. Karen Gerelus
  • Hand it to Them - Olivia Adams
  • Developing good Listeners - Karla Dawe
  • Redefinig Technique - Dr. Edmund Dawe
  • Expanding the Musical Canon - Dr. Andrew Kizas
  • Diversifying the Repertoire - Amy Boyes
  • PROPer Piano Pedagogy Part 1 - Dr. Karen Gerelus
  • Loud and Clear - Olivia Adams
  • From Bedroom to Broadcast - Neven Prostran
  • Making the Most of Musical Ideas - Dr. Richard Covey
  • Ethics to Teach by - Elsie Goerzen
  • Teaching Online Lessons - Linda Gould
  • Risk, Regroup, Rebound - Dr. Christine Vanderkooy
  • Music Performance Anxiety - Catherine bundt
  • Teacher Know Thyself - Dr. Dale Wheeler
  • Keyboard Connection for Kids - Marjory Purdy
  • Liszt & Chopin - Dr Warszynski
  • From Bellini to Belt - Mary Joy Nelson
  • Performance Anxiety - Susan Blyth-Scholfield
  • Do you Hear What I Hear? - Dr. Dale Wheeler
  • Melody Writing - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Lori-Lynn Penny