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Teacher's Information

Please include:

1. An official transcript of the Teacher's Written Exam marks (scan or photocopy is fine)

2. A letter from a CFMTA teacher

3. A summary of your musical training and interim teaching

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This letter must be from a CFMTA teacher

NOTE: The applicant must have completed the requirements between January and December of each year. Applications must be received by the Awards and Competitions Chairperson on or before May 1.


Please note: all winners and Honourable Mentions for programs and competitions will be acknowledged on some or all of the following platforms: CFMTA Social Media Posts / CFMTA Website / Canadian Music Teacher Magazine (CMT) / Of Note e-memo


With the following information: Name - Province - Results - Bio (if requested in CMT only)

I give permission for the following information of the participant to be posted: