My Music Teacher Made a Difference

 Yes, music teachers do make a difference, because, namely, they ARE different! Private music teachers work with students individually and often for many years, developing a unique relationship and truly influencing and enriching their students’ lives.

So, thank you for your interest in participating in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge through CanadaHelps in honour of your music teacher. Every dollar donated this month gives the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations (CFMTA) one entry in a draw to win $20,000 for our organization.  And where does this money go when donated you ask? Well, once you click the link here you will have a choice to send your money to:

  • General fund - CFMTA operates a wide range of programs which support music education across Canada. These include professional development for music teachers (national magazine, biennial national conferences, monthly seminars, etc.). There are also performance and composition competitions as well as masterclasses for students. The high-level competitions involve substantial prize monies and in the case of the Young Artist Program, a professional tour. The CFMTA proudly fosters music education in Canada and celebrates Canada Music Week every November. (CFMTA)
  • CFMTA National Essay Competition Fund - This competition provides significant prize money for scholars at a crucial time in their careers, giving them an opportunity to share new and creative ideas, placing music pedagogy and research at the forefront of the minds of teachers who work with students every day at various levels of development. As a relatively young program (10 years) in our 88-year-old federation, we need funds to keep this National Essay Competition running. This program is not limited to CFMTA members and their students but to ALL Canadian residents. As stated in part of our mission statement, we “Honour and support Canadian music and its contribution to our culture.” 
  • The CFMTA 2023 National Conference Fund, where teachers gather to learn, and students compete for prizes.  Your donation helps to provide opportunities for all music teachers to stay up to date on new materials and resources, best teaching practices, and specific skills for teaching music to a wide range of students throughout Canada. Through current professional development, music teachers continue to reach our youth, where the enjoyment of making music provides a stimulating and emotional role, and also to develop the careers of up-and-coming Canadian artists, composers, and future music educators.

When making your donation, you have an option through CanadaHelps to send a card to your honoree. After your donation is processed, you will receive an email with a receipt, a thank you, and a link to a form where you will be able to submit a photo and short write up about the teacher you would like to honour. (100 words or less).

You may also choose that your donation remains anonymous.  Note that by submitting this information and photo, you acknowledge that the photo and text will be used for CFMTA promotional purposes online, in social media, and in print.

We can’t wait to hear about the difference that your teacher has made in your life!