Certificate of Recognition for Professional Achievement - online application

Download the CFMTA/FCAPM Documentation of Professional Achievements Form

1Personal Information
2Personal Renewal (need 3 points)
3Professional contributions (need 3 points)
4Studio Participation (need 2 points)
5Total Points (need 8 points)

The CFMTA/FCAPM Certificate of Recognition for Professional Achievement is a CFMTA/FCAPM initiative to encourage members to grow as musicians, educators and mentors. This program gives Registered Music Teachers across the country the opportunity to be recognized for their participation in pedagogical workshops, holding office and volunteering for their branch and generally the musical life of their branch and their community.

Applications are to be sent to the CFMTA Secretary, accompanied by a payment of $10 to cover administrative costs, shipping and handling. Applicants have two years to accrue points with Certificates renewable every 2 years. Please note that this is a voluntary program for individual members and is in no way part of the membership process.

In many professional organizations, professional development is mandatory for membership renewal. In our own profession, the MTNA, our fellow teaching organization in the United States, requires all Certified Music Teachers to complete a “Documentation of Professional Renewal Activities Points Form” by July 1st of each renewal year, in order to keep their certification current. Though our program is voluntary, we hope that many of our members will apply for the certificate, as recognition of their excellent professional diligence.


• Encourages commitment to continued growth in the chosen profession of music instruction
• Provides tangible goals of professional achievement as music instructors
• Encourages the enhancement of quality musical instruction for Canadian students through continuing pedagogical education • Increases participation and leadership in musical events at the branch, provincial and national levels
• Promotes professionalism through building partnerships, student involvement and personal evaluation
• Promotes mentorship and partnering with pedagogy advocates

CFMTA/FCAPM is committed to the promotion of expertise and professional development for Registered Music Teachers across the country.

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